We swim every Tuesday evening between 7pm and 9pm teaching beginners through to more advanced. Classes last
30 minutes and typically there are 8 swimmers per group of small children and more in the older groups. Our 8.30pm
session is for swimmers who want to swim under their own instigation and is populated by our older members. We stop swimming in August and at Christmas but are otherwise active every week.


Our lessons cater for children as young as 5 and go through to the adults who swim in the more advanced sessions.


Children are assessed to determine which swimming group they join to make sure they are swimming in the right ability level.




The later groups are suitable for older children and adults who wish to swim for fun and fitness.


The adult members have an active social group as well which includes taking part in other sporting events such as Walk for Life and meeting up outside of swimming sessions.


While the club is not competitive, older members are encouraged to take part in optional time trials once or twice a year so they compete against themselves and their previous timing. This aids motivation to keep training to improve technique and stamina.